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Comic Vision 2014

We know you like to laugh, and we need YOUR help to plan a great 2016 season. Drop us a line here if you can share some time with our planning committees.


The Foundation Fighting Blindness awareness campaign, was seen over 100 million times, and had some wonderful media and agency partners who came together to create unique and engaging pieces that brought the awareness of retinal eye disease into homes across Canada. For the first time, individuals who had never heard of diseases like retinitis pigmentosa, could experience tunnel vision and have a better understanding of the impact of vision loss. That's powerful!

This short clip summarizes our month-long awareness campaign and highlights all our amazing media partners and the communication pieces used to help Canadians experience blindness caused by a retinal eye disease. 


It doesn't end here! If you were touched by our awareness campaign, we encourage you to get involved with the Foundation and spread the word. Find out how you can help us restore hope & sight at

Watch the video in YOUTUBE  Foundation Fighting Blindness Awareness Campaign - Sizzle