BIG NEWS About Comic Vision Toronto!

In 2010, Comic Vision inspired a group of young philanthropists to branch off and start their own comedy fundraiser – Last Call. Since then, this event has brought like-minded young people together for a night of smart, seriously funny comedy and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC).
While this group would never be one to toot its own horn, it has certainly done something right. That is why we're pleased to announce that this year, Last Call will be the FBC’s 2019 Toronto comedy event
That’s right – while Comic Vision Toronto takes a well-deserved break in 2019, Last Call will be bringing an unforgettable night of laughter and hope to the Globe and Mail Centre on June 5, 2019. 
In the past 20 years, Comic Vision has been transformed from its comedy-cellar roots to a national fundraising event that has toured six Canadian cities and raised almost $10 million for vision research. We are thrilled that Last Call has the support and momentum to keep the laughter and success going.
All of the loyal friends who have been part of Comic Vision’s incredible legacy, will always have a home with Last Call - new friends are welcome too!
Like Comic Vision, Last Call was born out of one reason, and one reason only: to raise money for the FBC and find cures for blindness. In doing so, it has also provided a unique opportunity for younger professionals as well as, let’s say the “more experienced” generation, to share a hilarious evening together. In other words, if you’ve got adult kids (that you like spending time with 😉), bring them with you! Or maybe they’ll bring you!
Thank you to everyone who has supported Comic Vision Toronto. Each of you have had an incredible impact on the lives of those affected by vision loss.


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